Flexible, Permanent Solution for Seismic Data Storage

Is Seismic Data Filling up your Desk?

If you are a small, medium, or large oil and gas company that makes use of seismic data, you have invested a lot of time and money in your seismic data library. Data is expensive to acquire or license, and in many cases impossible to replace due to land access restrictions. Every company has a system to deal with seismic data storage - whether it is ad hoc, internal, or out-sourced.

Questions to think about when assessing your seismic storage strategy:
  • Durability - How protected are you against data loss?
  • Cost - What is your annual storage expense per terabyte?
  • Control - Is data retrieval under your control? Are there expensive costs to retrieve data?
  • Convenience - How easy is it to find surveys? Can you preview seismic before retrieval?
  • Focus - Do your internal resources have the cycles and expertise to meet your needs?
  • Extras - Can you cutout and transfer surveys to partners and licensees? Can you condition data to prepare for interpretation workstations?

Move your Seismic Data to the Cloud

Ubiterra leverages the cloud to provide a better way to permanently and safely store your seismic data:
Feature Benefit
Archive SEGY stack and prestack files Seismic data readily available to entire organization
Archive any other document type Keep critical project information with the data, including observer notes, survey design, permits, maps, geometry files, contracts, etc.
Utilize Amazon Glacier Cloud Storage Extreme durability and geographic redundancy
$120 per terabyte per year Large cost savings vs. internal or conventional archive services
Amazon Glacier account in your name Total control, no hostage fees
Ubiterra provides catalog, map, and import / export layer All aspects of archive are online, organized, convenient, and under your control
Can be integrated to internal storage Ubiterra and your IT organization partner to meet corporate requirements
Rich feature set - not just an archive Ability to address common seismic workflows
Loading Service available Painless to get started

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