Ubi terra   Data Manager
Browser-based App for Managing E&P Data
Use the Ubiterra Data Manager application to store, catalog, and manage your seismic and well data assets.
  • The cost of cloud storage is pennies per gigabyte. Capture the value of cloud resources for your data storage needs.
  • Organize your data with powerful cataloging and inventory tools
  • Find data instantly with interactive map and search functions
  • Viewing seismic data or well logs online from anywhere

Ubiterra Key Features

Interactive Map

Map-driven technology streamlines the process of locating E&P data. Simply click on a location to show key survey or well information and documents without ever leaving the map view.

Search by keyword to find your E&P data in a matter of seconds.

Survey List

Organize seismic surveys and wells in your cloud account so you quickly find the data you need with the convenient catalog list and summary of contents.

Store everything related to survey or well in a single folder so you never have to search for data contracts or misplaced load sheets. Field records and notes, pre and post-stack processing, interpreted volumes, contracts and attachments are saved together.

E&P Data Viewers

View online trace data for preview or collaboration without going through the complex process of loading SEG data onto a workstation.

As you scan through inlines, crosslines or arbitrary lines in a large 3D volume, the plan view tracks your location in the dataset. Apply display settings and analysis tools such as the Power Spectrum to suit your needs.

Collaborate online with your remote team to view data and work with the interactive drawing tool to define and annotate key data features or lines.

View well logs with built in LAS and raster log viewer.

Well Data

Manage well data with Ubiterra. View the LAS or Raster file, including a Log View.

Store everything related to the well in a single folder so you never have to search for data contracts or misplaced permits. Drilling reports and notes, intermediate log runs, contracts and attachments are saved together.

Access Control

Online data access uses an individual login and password. Strict enterprise-style data access controls provide safety and security for seismic data administration and workflows.

Easily set up logins for employees or guests, and control the rights and roles granted to those users. The administrator can also partition your organization into multiple divisions and levels.

Upload, Download, and Move Data

Store, access and transfer data and documents to and from your cloud account with the click of a button. A high peformance data loader moves SEGY files, and a registration wizard steps through the SEGY and geo-registration process. One-click access retrieves stored information. Get the most out of your available internet bandwidth with the optimized Ubiterra uploader.

If you're transferring very large files, consider contacting Ubiterra's professional data loading services to streamline the process.

Other Ubiterra Features

  • Cutouts - Define and apply cutouts to seismic surveys, for seismic delivery use cases.
  • Data Conditioning - Prepare seismic data for use in workstations -- apply datum shifts & coordinate system shifts. Convert to standard Revision 1 SEGY for easy loading.
  • Contractor Sharing - Share a specific survey to a service contractor for a specified time, allowing them to perform work such as reprocessing.
  • Preview Lines & Guests - Prepare specific lines for viewing by guest users.
  • Indexing and Keyword Search - Define index fields for surveys and attachments to enable convenient keyword internet-style search.