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Could the cloud be used to simplify provision of seismic data to geoscience professionals and partners?

Traditionally, it has been a challenge to provision seismic data to seismic interpretation workstations from either the corporate seismic archive or from the processing shop. This is an issue because it wastes the time of geoscience professionals. Also, provision of data to partners or survey licensees has been time-consuming and difficult.

Could the internet and cloud be used to simplify provision of seismic data? Questions to think about:
  • Convenience - How easy is it for your geoscientists to find, access, and load data into interpretation workstations?
  • Preparation - How hard is it to prep data for the workstation environment?
  • Control - Does your data provisioning process keep a record of which data was accessed by whom?
  • Collaboration - How efficient is collaboration with the processing shop? Can intermediate results be previewed and easily handed back and forth for loading into workstations?
  • Data Transfer - How hard is it to provision a cutout of a survey to a partner or licensee?

Use the cloud as a Seismic Superhighway to geoscientists and partners

Ubiterra leverages the cloud to make field data instantly visible and available to all stakeholders in a seismic shoot:
Feature Benefit
Lookup seismic data using the Ubiterra map or catalogue Find any seismic survey in corporate library in seconds
View seismic data immediately in Ubiterra Confirm that desired data selected before provisioning
Condition the data before provisioning, including datum & projection changes. Save time and reduce hassle in the interpretation workflow
Provide logins to geoscientists in office Provide self-service data provision
Plugins for popular interpretation workstations Even simpler self-service data provision
Track data access Satisfy corporate policy
Provide guest access to contractors and other parties Simplify collaboration for new and reprocessed data
Markup seismic sections with drawings & annotations Capture and share knowledge about lines
Define & apply cutouts to 3D surveys Simplify provision of data to partners and new licensees

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