The Cloud and the Ubiterra Cloud Application

The Cloud's Global Scale and Attractive Economics

The cloud is a game-changing technology, a resource offering global access and massive capacity in a highly secure managed environment. At Ubiterra, we focus on leveraging the power of cloud resources for data storage and management, utilizing public cloud providers Amazon and Microsoft. Our software application Ubiterraâ„¢ is architected exclusively for the cloud. It adds value with sophisticated tools to organize, manage and locate all your data projects stored in the cloud.

We've chosen Amazon and Microsoft as preferred providers offering global cloud computing capacity with massive data centers and millions of storage and compute nodes for their customers. Exponential growth and competition for cloud capacity drives a very low-cost data storage scenario that is typically much less than an internally-hosted storage system.

With its massive scale and attractive economics, this new cloud resource is an ideal solution for storing and managing the unprecedented volumes of seismic and other E&P data from today's exploration plays.

Security and Durability

Cloud data centers exist as geographically separated twins. For example, a North American cloud solution might utilize datacenters in San Antonio and Chicago. Each location stores three encrypted copies of your data files, for a total of six copies. Microsoft and Amazon utilize state-of-the-art information technology and security processes, and conduct regular penetration testing. Data centers are certified under key IT industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for security and reliability.

You can securely store E&P data in the cloud and be assured that it will be available 1, 10, or 100 years from now.

Added Value for Collaboration

Ubiterra helps you organize, catalog, store and access your valuable data assets stored in cloud datacenters. You increase the value of your investment by streamlining access and assuring that you can always find the data you've placed in storage.

You can access your data from any browser device, anywhere an internet connection is available. Whether your staff or service providers are in the field or in the office, they have the collaborative workflow capabilities they need to make decisions with Ubiterra.

Get on board with companies who understand the exceptional value and maximum security of cloud-based data management!